Holidays are the most awaited period of the year.

Holidays are the most awaited period of the year. Sunny weather, rest and good times are what many families and groups of friends search every year in Peñíscola.

This town, with a long history in this area, has become in an international tourist place. Peñíscola is situated in a perfect location; history is in every building of the city. Papa Luna castle custody the crystalline Mediterranean waters where tourists and locals coexist. In addition, the town is close to the Serra d’Irta.

Peñíscola is not only synonymous of summer. The city offers a wide range of possibilities the 12 months of the year.

  • Cultural events

  • Good food

  • A warm climate (only a couple of weeks the city is below 15 degrees)

The Procoim, with over 40 years dedicated to this sector, gives you the opportunity to enjoy this unique place. Every year thousands of tourists recruit this firm, which manages its housing and approaches them to the real Mediterranean life.

The multicultural and multilingual team is at your disposal every day of the week. An agile, close and serious management, and in your language, is essential. Procoim is aware of this. Your rest is our reason for being.